Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday at Reno Riverwalk District

John finished his bike ride just after I had finished my jog on Sunday. Then we drove down to the Reno Riverwalk District to catch an Earth Day Picnic. There were crowds of people everywhere, waiting in lines spilling out the doorways of the local merchants downtown. Earth Day couldn't draw this big of a crowd could it? I had expected families and children but these were adults, around our age. Where the heck did they all come from?
Temperatures in the high 80's. Spring is here!!
Turned out the Wine Walk had just begun, an event to benefit a featured charity every third Saturday of the month. For $20 you get a decorated wine glass you can keep and an ID bracelet that allows
you to sample wine at about 36 participating merchants.
John and Daly at Truckee River
Wake skating on the Truckee River
You can't tell from these photos but there were tons and tons of people everywhere! Sunday was a warm, sunny day and people were littered all along the Truckee River in their swim suits bathing in the sun or swimming in the water.  Meanwhile people were gathering in and outside of pubs, bar hopping and others peering at their maps of downtown to find the next place to visit for their wine sample.
Lunch at the Wild River Grille
While that sounded like fun, we settled at a restaurant along the river called Wild River Grille to have lunch on their patio.  John ordered the fish and chips and I picked some sort of grilled vegetable wrap -- it was yum-yum!!
People sunbathing along the Truckee River.
It was a nice day, but then I think every day is a nice day in Reno. Sunshine or snow, we are really liking it here.
Jogger crossing one of the many pedestrian bridges over the Truckee River.
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Dingaan said...

Are you still modeling Malibu strings?


Daly said...

Yes, I still wear them and am hoping summer will arrive soon so I can get out on the lakes around Reno. Lake Havasu, Lake Pyramid, and perhaps a trip back to Vegas to spend some time poolside.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you didnt see anything like your suit lining that river in Reno...LoL

Daly said...

No, I don't think I did LOL. Though some of the young girls were in pretty skimpy suits (Brazilian cut bottoms).

I've been wearing my MS suits on the patio while I garden and relax on the deck afterwards. I never considered what the golfers on the course in our back yard must've thought, after seeing someone in a g-string out here, LOL. Probably in some state of shock.