Thursday, March 08, 2012

Opportunity Cost

I have not given an arm or leg for fuel at this gas station but anyone who stops should be prepared to do so.  I'm fortunate I only need to fill up the 14.5 gallon tank of my car once a month...if that, now that I drive 2 miles less per day as part of my commute to and from work.  Sure the savings in gas may be marginal, perhaps two gallons in a month, but the cash in my pocket would be better spent on nearly four cups of coffee I can enjoy during my stroll through campus.

I will admit at times when I'm faced with the sidewalk ahead of me, I've wished I was already at work or already at home.  But if I were to get to work or home 15 or 20 minutes faster, I'd probably seat myself at a desk or on the couch anyway.  By walking part of the route between the office and where I park, I have tracked 30.75 miles on foot in February!!  This is a distance I would have never traveled if I had only stepped from the building where I work to the parking structure across from it.

Most of the time, I am grateful for the moments I have to indulge in a little physical activity and breathe fresh air.  I know it's part of the reason I am seeing a 9% decrease in my winter body weight.
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