Sunday, February 19, 2012

Who's Really the Smart Cat?

Havi, our calico cat is really smart.  She figured out this Go Cat Go Play-N-Treat toy.  Although it is challenging, she's diligent about playing with her new toy because it rewards her by dispensing treats that I've placed inside.  Now, instead of being handed treats after meowing and begging me in the kitchen she plays and works for her reward.

Our other cat, Elgy, who is sitting motionless in the background of the video could not care less about playing for treats (so I secretly hand her snacks on the side without Havi seeing).  Otherwise Elgy would never get to a share of the goodies.

Wait a minute.  Who is really the smart cat here?

At the end of the video, it looks like Elgy gave Havi a dirty look? Blinking and then looking away like she's too smart too fall for the toy?

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