Saturday, February 18, 2012

Week in Review

During the week, I jog during lunch. Trying to build my speed and endurance to hopefully compete in a series of duathlons. The first one is in June. On weekdays I usually run on the treadmill but on Friday, I ran through a nearby park instead. It's amazing how much time flies and miles go by when you're distracted by the outdoors!

At least someone enjoyed the snow and built a snowman...and his pet. A groundhog?? Behind the sculptures is the parking garage where I use to park.

John got a new time trail bike. It will be put to good use in several weeks.

Elgy is done with her medications and no longer has bladder issues...but she's been vomiting the past couple of days, several times per episode. When she's not sleeping, like she is here on my lap, she dry heaves after all the food is gone from her stomach. John and I get up several times in the middle of the night and early mornings to clean up after her. We're thinking she either has a hairball or the wet food we started giving her didn't agree with her stomach. So we're stopping the wet food and she's on hairball remedy. If she doesn't improve by Monday, we'll have to take her back to the vet.
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JoeinVegas said...

That bike looks different - strange seat configuration perhaps.

Daly said...

LOL, I agree with you Joe. John's time trial bike does look different from a road bike. The seat post is aerodynamic and there are aero bars. Generally I don't think TT bikes are as sexy as road bikes but they serve a specific purpose I guess.