Saturday, February 18, 2012

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

When we came back from John's race in Folsom, CA, the sky was clear, sunny, and blue the next day.

We took advantage of the gorgeous day and rode our bikes together making a loop around Damonte Ranch.  It's a newer and popular neighborhood in Reno with plenty of walking and bike paths. The area is on the opposite side of the foothills in south Reno and terrain is rather flat with beautiful meadows and sometimes you can spot wild horses!  John would like to live there but I prefer the older neighborhoods and greener foothills where we live.

After our ride we grabbed lunch at The Rubicon Deli near downtown Reno.  I had a cup of homemade barley and mushroom soup and half a pastrami sandwich.  John ordered the Rubicon Special; it was large enough to feed two people!  We recommend this place -- they're sandwiches (and soup) was awesome and breads are made on location.

Then mid-week, we woke up to a white blanket of SNOW!!  It made for a very nice walk through campus to the office.  Without the proper shoes and to avoid being late to work, I had to resist from running around in the fresh powder!  It was bad enough that I kept stopping along the way to take photos, LOL.

The snow didn't stick around long however. By the afternoon, the roads were clear and since that day, there has been no more snowfall. Most of it has melted off and we are back to clear, sunny days again.  It was fun while it lasted.

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JoeinVegas said...

Snow! Haven't had any in Vegas this year.

Daly said...

It must be dry everywhere. The ski resorts are hurting over here I'm sure.