Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Morning Walk

I traded in my $400 annual parking pass to garage my car a little further off campus and either walk or ride a shuttle to the grounds. Or when the weather warms up, I would also have the option to ride my bicycle from home.
I've paid more for parking in the past so the cost wasn't my primary motivation for giving up the privilege of parking on campus. It's just that I drive to work and leave my car parked in the garage all day until it's time to go home. The convenience of having a vehicle close by doesn't really matter to me so why not park a little further away and take a 10-minute stress free stroll during my morning commute?

If I don't feel like walking or the weather is not ideal for walking, I can always catch the free shuttle that loops around campus through downtown Reno at every 10 - 15 minute interval. Still I get dropped off or picked up right next to the parking structure or the office building where I work.

I figured that each round trip walk is about 1.5 miles so I could cover 32.625 miles in a month or almost 395 miles per year just by walking that little bit to and from the office!

Of course, I have a great bag to carry all of the items I need for the day--my lunch, my laptop, notebook, papers, and clothing for the gym.

So I have all I need with me and I get to enjoy the fresh air and morning sunshine while walking to campus...and the afternoon leisurely walk at the end of the day to look forward to. I think this is going to work out just great!
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Dolly said...

Hey Daly,
That's great that you live so close to campus. I was in a smilar situation years ago, when I lived very close to the military post where I worked. I didn't see the point of spending the extra time warming up the car in the winter when I could run the 3/4 mile to work in the morning for PT. I would then run back home to get ready for work. It didn't seem like much. But, after a while it adds up.

JoeinVegas said...

You have to pay to park?

Reminds me of the gym I used to go to in San Diego - the parking lot was down a steep hill, and they had to put in escalators for people. Go to the gym to work out, but don't want to use the stairs - I found it very amusing.

Good for you walking - are you close enough to bike from home?

Daly said...

@Dolly: you are my inspiration for running again :) and I remember how much fun it is!

@Joe: very funny story about the gym in San Diego. People think working out begins at "the gym" but every step up or down stairs and hills is an opportunity for me to get in a little effort.

We live 5 miles away but not close enough to walk roundtrip. I'm waiting to get a utility bike that has racks and is a little tougher than my road bike. Something I wouldn't mind sitting out in the weather all day like this Trek Belleville. I have a route that my co-worker takes nearly every day that is safe so I cannot wait until I get to ride to work! I can also ride it to the grocery store, coffee shop, or lunch. The streets around here make it easy to do that because there are more residential streets than commercial where we live.

Daly said...

I forgot to mention that staff parking on campus is $400/yr. which is restricted to ONE parking zone (unless I pay $475/yr. and then I can park in any zone of the same color). At UNLV it was like $286/yr. and I can park in any staff or student space.

Well I didn't know I was limited to just the parking structure across the way from my office and I got a ticket (both my co-worker and I did when we went to orientation in another building on campus). We had a silver zone 7 permit and parked in a silver zone 11 lot--both zones are staff lots but nevertheless. The fine was $30!! I would rather have parked at an expired meter and pay a $20 fine had I known (when I purchased the permit, I was told I could park in any staff lot but the staff person may or may not have added in the parking structure only). And there was no ticket forgiveness.

You bet part of my motivation for giving up my permit was a matter of principle and...a teeny weensy bit done out of spite. Now I can park a little further, ride a shuttle that is free (the walk to the shuttle stop is no farther than before) or even better - walk to improve my physical and mental health and eliminate the possibility of getting another parking ticket ever!

Oh one more thing...shortly before I decided to turn in my permit, I got another slip on my windshield. My heart sank. Are you kidding me? Another ticket? No, this time it was a warning because of 'improper display of permit'. My permit fell when I took off the windshield sun protector and I didn't notice but parking enforcement did. Someone had mercy on me and that was the straw that broke this camel's back. I walked--no RAN to the Parking & Transportation Office and gave that permit back! Either I cannot handle the responsibility of having that permit or I'd rather not have the stress of 'being in violation' so I'd rather remove myself from the situation.

Kristen said...

Yeah campus parking enforcement are RUTHLESS. I worked at the bagel shop in our student union. We had one of our typical Wyoming spring break blizzards, but they didn't totally close campus so the bagel place had to be open too. I had to drive my own vehicle (a rear wheel drive 92 cougar) to go grab the fresh bagels from the main location and got stuck 3 times sliding sideways through the snow logged streets of Laramie to get the evidently precious, life sustaining bagels to the ghost town of a campus. At which point I parked close to the door (staff parking only) because it was plowed. And wouldn't you know those a$$holes gave me a ticket. So ridiculous, kudos for keeping that money out of their pockets.

Daly said...

@Kristen - of all the times, right? During a storm, campus life was probably dead, you had no where else to park, and were going to be at the main location for just one minute and they could not give you a break.