Thursday, February 09, 2012

Latest Grub

Since changing our diet to plant-based foods, we seldom have the chance to eat out (I call our meals "the five Ss" but I'll have to share the details in another post). Once in a while it is nice to give the kitchen a break so we have ventured into a few more new-to-us places.
One morning John and I stopped at My Favorite Muffin and Bagel CafĂ© near downtown Reno for a cup of coffee and, of course, we tried a couple of their muffins. I had not known the restaurant was a franchise but there are locations in several states, three of them in Reno/Sparks. The muffins come in 20 varieties in jumbo and mini-sizes and are made with egg whites and soybean oil but yet still cake-like, moist, and soOOoo good!! I ate the banana, walnut, semi-sweet chocolate muffin before I could take a photo, LOL.  They also have bagels (made from scratch), all sorts of sandwiches, signature salads, and smoothies (check out their menu:

my seafood soup
Photo source: Miguel's

We also went to a Mexican restaurant on Virginia Street named Miguel's. The restaurant looks small from the outside but there are plenty of seats inside (but they filled up quickly after we sat down). Our seats were right by the middle window with a perfect view of the bar, the rest of the restaurant, and out onto the street (you really should visit their website for photos of the interior: For dinner, I had the Siete Mares (clear broth seafood soup with shrimp, bay octopus, crab, clams, scallop, fish, and fresh squash and carrots). Yum-yum!!

Then we went to Eclipse Pizza Co. (another very cute place) for pizza.  Check out the photos on their site: and definitely the menu.  As stated on the website's homepage, the 'restaurant epitomizes their passion for rigorous activities rewarded with a good pizza, fresh salad, and cold beer served in a casual and friendly setting.' The intimate setting, casual atmosphere, and uber-friendly staff definitely made us feel comfortable and right at home! I'm sure all of the locals know about this place and I need not say more.

Random photo of the sky from the UNR campus
Finally one of the coffee shops John and I stopped at during one of our bike rides was The Hub Coffee Co ( on 32 Cheney St. off of Virginia. Really cute coffee shop but super tiny (there's outside seating which was where we sat because inside, I think the max capacity might have been...8...maybe 10, and the shop was full.) One walls of the shop is a see-through garage door which I assume opens up during the summer so I thought that was neat).

[Beginning of my tangent...] I wish I had taken photos to share but I must admit, I felt awkward when we walked in.  And maybe that was because everyone seemed to stare at us...because we were in cycling "spandex", meaning the jersey (the shirt) and shorts.  I think it's necessary to wear fitted clothing when cycling, not only for a) comfort but many reasons including b) aerodynamics (besides, how annoying would it be if your clothing were to flap around while riding like a flag in a hurricane?) and c) safety (so your clothing doesn't get caught on the handlebars or seat when you get on and off the bike--which could cause you to crash on the pavement, perhaps in front of the path of a moving truck or SUV). That reminds me...don't football players also wear "spandex" and a jersey (not to mention in other sports like baseball and wrestling)? Imagine that!  Manly professional football players wearing tight-ass spandex, LOL!! But no one finds that funny. [Ending of my tangent.]

The barista (who may have been the owner) was very nice though.  John enjoyed this cappuccino after a ride with his friend and he turned the coffee art into his own.  What do you see?

There are a lot of cute coffee shops in Reno and they're all unique (I think) in their own way.  Our favorite is still Swill Coffee and Wine.

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Anonymous said...

Wow...if you got grief over cycling spandex, I can wait until they catch hold of your malibu strings swimsuits. I guess it is like Dorothy said..."we're not in Kansas ( your case, Vegas) anymore"

Mark & Michelle (

JoeinVegas said...

I liked all of the little coffee and bake shops in Portland. Haven't wandered enough of Vegas to find them here, but there is one French shop nearby I like to frequent (not to mention the croissants they bake there)
I think I know why they look at your spandex, in agreement with Mark