Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Hello, Endurance - Are You There?

Last year I rode 520 miles on my bike in the month of January alone. I didn't realize how many miles that was until I looked at the 74 miles I logged this January. If it weren't for the group ride with the Procrastinating Pedalers on New Year's Day and Saturday rides with my husband, it would have looked like I hung up my bike for good.

It's true I haven't gone cycling that much...and even when I do, it's a struggle to cover as many miles as I use to be able to. This past Saturday I started my ride with John before we parted ways so he could start his training set. Then I would head towards home, knowing I could make it only 15 miles or so. Wherever my endurance went, I don't know. Could riding at a higher elevation me that much (we were at about 2,200 feet of elevation in Vegas but are at about 4,500 feet here)?

If I'm going to break my cycling mileage record for last year, I have a lot of catching up to do! On the bright side, the year is still young so I'm not writing myself off just yet.

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