Monday, January 09, 2012

Sweet Sunday

Since I rode with John on Saturday, I stayed home the next day to catch up on things at home. Before John went on a training ride with his team, he made us this Beet and Carrot Smoothie (many listed on the page are delicious).

Then I made this salad of Avocado with Bell Peppers and Tomatoes for lunch. It's really delicious and tastes like guacamole except with a crunch from the peppers.

It was too beautiful of a day to remain cooped indoors so I took a walk around our neighborhood to get some fresh air. On my way home the sun started to set and so I couldn't resist stopping to take some photos (you can see a larger image by clicking on the collage above). We live in the row of homes to the right of the golf course which was the route I took back home (you can see the fire damage along the path where I stood). The evening was very quiet as I walked past ponds full of geese that didn't seem to care about the chilly water or my presence.

Full moon over Reno. In front of the city skyline is the dark, burned area from the Caughlin Fire.
When evening came, John didn't feel like cooking so we went downtown to Pho 777 which has been rumored to have the best Vietnamese Noodles in town. The broth was pretty good and for a reasonable price (I didn't take a photo because all the noodle soups look the same, LOL). I would go back to the restaurant again, not for the decor, ambiance, or for the uber friendly staff (I'm joking) but for the deliciously comforting pho.  It was a nice way to cap off a nice Sunday.
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Chante said...

My dearest sister - did you just paid your hard-earned money for someone else to make those taste-less spring rolls w/ the year old nasty sauce? LOL

Haven't us sisters taught you better than that? LOL


Daly said...

Well...I had to settle for less because I no longer have my sweet older sisters spoiling me with their oh-so-good home cooking!! Do send the recipe...I would treasure a book of Lao recipes from you for my birthday. Ahem, ahem ;-P

Geoff Granfield said...

That picture of the fire in Reno with the skyline in the background is a bit too nostalgic for me. cleanup fire damage milwaukee