Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year's Day Ride with Pedalers

I had a GREAT 27-mile bike ride this afternoon with the Procrastinating Pedalers. We rode West of Reno through Mogul to Verdi and back. The route meandered by the Truckee River, skimmed along the California stateline and looped near Boomtown before we back tracked towards our meeting place. Except for our conversations, everything was so quiet around us with very little traffic which I took advantage of to enjoy the scenery. The view is going to be even more beautiful in the spring and fall season!

The day was gorgeous and sunny and everyone I met in the group was so welcoming and a pleasure to ride with.  Things could not have been any better!

Afterwards we sat down at Walden's Coffeehouse and chatted. I couldn't resist trying their World's Famous Coffee Cake--it was yum-yum!

Then a few of us took a cool down ride to Downtown Reno. We passed all these beautiful parks, rode down Bike Boulevard and crossed the Truckee River where there were folks kayaking, fishing, and swimming. Yes--swimming!! A couple of shirtless guys dove in yelling, "Happy New Year!".

In 2010 I rode somewhere around 1,600 miles, in 2011 doubled that with just over 2,500 miles, so I am hoping to hit 5,000 miles this year. Hey I can shoot for the moon can't I? I have a good start on 2012 with about 35 miles today. Hope you have a happy and healthy new year!!
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JoeinVegas said...

Glad you found a group up there you can ride with. Good luck on your 5,000