Sunday, January 01, 2012

Farewell 2011

My last journal entry for the year was to answer the question, "What was my most cherished memory of the year?". It's tough to single out one particular memory as I look back upon the year.

Starting with the New Year's Day bike ride, dinners with friends, my first road bike race and I went on to compete in two more, watching John cross the finish line first in a road race (he'll never forget), sharing a girls' weekend in Palm Springs (CA), Easter, witnessing two of my friends get married, Lake Havasu, finished my first century in Bike MS (UT), days at Lake Mead, my trip to Portland (OR), my first visit to Bishop and Mammoth Lakes (CA), finishing our fireplace and wallpaper in the living room, leaving Las Vegas and relocating to Reno, surviving a large fire that swept through the neighborhood, and beautiful bike rides and runs. I'll post links to the photo albums later.

It's been a great year!  John left his job of 9 years and is pursuing his passion in bike fitting. He plays the role of a small business owner, developing his business (Logical Fit) in the Velo Reno bike shop and takes care of our household as a house Dad. Meanwhile I took up running again and am excited about forging new paths this year.  I, too, left a job I love and folks I cherished in Vegas and am enjoying my work at the University in Reno. I'm looking forward to making strides there as well. It has been a year and five months since I gave up drinking. This year I've accomplished my personal bests and am going to shatter my records in the coming year.

Cycling: 2534 miles
One hour 20.96 mi
10 miles 20m:35s

Running: 65 miles
One hour 5.23 mi
1 mile 9m:34s

Burgers burned: 407

So what did we do in the last day of the year?  John and I went shopping for a few items, then he started his ride with me.  He took me out to a park by the Truckee Meadows River and he continued on and I turned back.
It was a nice ride even though I'm out of shape, I still enjoyed every minute!
Life is always good when I'm outside or on the bike.
We had our own celebration at home and cooked up a storm. Mojitos, lime-tequila shrimp, corn with chipotle butter and beer marinated steak, and dessert (that, we didn't make)!

Today I'm going for a group ride on the Verdi Loop and have to leave in a few minutes. I look forward to meeting the group and checking out a new route.

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johnny said...

Best New Years EVER!!