Sunday, December 18, 2011

Squeeze In Breakfast

We tried a new breakfast place this morning called Squeeze In.  Casual dining, eclectic furniture, friendly and attentive staff, and fresh, good food pretty much sums up the restaurant.  It's the third location, one of which was challenged in The Food Network "Throw Down with Bobby Flay". John tried the Racy Tracy omelet (bacon, avocado, mushrooms, and Jack cheese) which was the dish challenged in the cooking show.

I thought about trying the The Spanish Flay (what Bobby Flay cooked up for the competition: finely diced red bell peppers and potatoes sautéed with smoked paprika in butter, and folded with jack cheese into seasoned eggs) which I believe won the show but went for A Thadder (shrimp, bacon, spinach, mushrooms, soy sauce and jack cheese) instead.

Later in the day I went for a seven mile walk/jog to and around Virginia Lake and back.  I use to run...nearly ten years ago so I am glad I got out to enjoy the gorgeous day and do what I once loved.  Tonight will be mellow since we were out the night before at a dinner party. A quiet night before the start of the work week.

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JoeinVegas said...

Do the bike - it's better for your knees. But the food sounds good - you seem to locate the nice places to eat wherever you are.