Friday, December 30, 2011

Best Friends

John sent these photos today. There are two cat beds by the office window which looks out to the front of the house but they like to cuddle together.

Near the bay window of the kitchen, they hang out together on their cat gym and observe the golfers and birds in the back yard.

Even though there are three levels to the cat gym, they perch together on one. Either they are best friends or perhaps they're just competing for the same space.
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Tom said...

Hello Daly (no pun intended :P), just wanted to say I love your blog and I'm glad you are posting more again. I like your blog because you are so upbeat and positive an it seems like you and your husband are very good at enjoying the little things in life (a skill that is less common than you would think).

Daly said...

Thanks for the note Tom :) I hope all the blog posts about our cats do not bore you. We love them dearly so everything they do is 'so cute'. You must be the same way to recognize that we try to celebrate all the little things and not just the big things in life. Happy New Year to you. :)