Tuesday, November 08, 2011

World Outside My Window

It may be cold this time of the year but at least it is sunny. The sun's rays shining through the window help in keeping me warm. This is my first week at work and so far so good. As eager as I am to get stuff done, I must wait until I get access to all of the accounts and applications I need to get the job done. For now I will acquaint myself with the world outside my window and the pretty campus.
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JoeinVegas said...

So still with the University? Just changed campuses (campusi?) to the colder one?
What about that guy's bike business? Take it up there with him too?

Daly said...

Yes, still with the University--just a different campus, the colder one.
John moved his bike fitting business as well. He's getting things squared away at home before he sets up shop. :)

roller shutters perth said...

That is the lovely view of the place. It seems like the perfect symmetry based on the elevation and horizontal span.

Blinds said...

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