Sunday, November 20, 2011

Visiting Reno, Part 2

A couple weeks later, John and I returned to Reno. Partly for leisure and partly to scope out homes we would consider living in. It was a long drive but we left early in the morning. When we arrived, we looked at a few rentals and got a sense of the areas we liked and didn't like. By evening we were pretty tired so we took a walk down to the Truckee Meadows River and ate dinner at a nearby pub. The food was pretty good and the night scene lively with locals and college students.
The next day we went to a shopping center to pick up a few items. I packed poorly and needed some walking shoes and casual clothes so I could be comfortable during the remainder of our trip. Then we met up with a friend who took us to our favorite new sandwich place called SUP. After that we drove around some more...I can't tell you how many homes we saw but we were exhausted by the end of our day. Happy Hour at Rapscallion was welcomed and offered us a chance to unwind.

What better way to get to know the city than spend some time doing what we like to do, cycling? So we rode our bikes around along Manzanita Lane to McCarren Boulevard (THAT was a hill) and all around...Skyline and to downtown for coffee. Then went to lunch at the Stove Top (another new favorite place) and enjoyed our meal outside on the private patio. After that we shopped at Scheels, a big outdoor sporting goods store (there is a great cafe inside) and then had dinner (Vietnamese food!). Our last day of stay was wonderful.

Instead of driving back home via the boring I-15, we took a scenic route through Carson City, Mammoth, and Bishop home to Las Vegas. If you can sit through the slideshow, you'll see some fantastic views we saw along the way. Aspen trees displaying their best colors of the fall season!

After we returned home, the weeks that followed was a whirlwind. Things moved so fast, I can hardly remember the events but well...we ended up back in Reno several weeks later. This time to stay for awhile...

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