Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Ride

Ever since we moved to Reno, I have not ridden my bike. The last time I rode, it was October when John and I visited Reno together and brought our bicycles along to pedal around the neighborhoods.

He has ridden several times since we relocated but me...well, I had not felt like it. But today was just too nice to stay indoors and I didn't want another sunny day to slip by again as the other nice days had. Besides, I can always work around the house during the evenings, right?

So I put on my gear and went out for a spin...on my own because John was already outside riding with a friend. It felt so good to get some fresh, crisp air in my lungs and to feel the cool air brush across my face. Why did I put off cycling in the outdoors for so long? What was I afraid of?
To get to the main road, my ride was downhill from where we live and soon after I turned on to Lakeside Drive was a good incline up to Audrey Harris Park. While I was prepared for the hill mentally, physically I struggled from the loss of fitness and higher elevation. But all the gasping and wheezing was worth the effort for the view up at the top. I have seen the panorama a couple times before but only from the seat of a car.
Lakeside Drive and Audrey Harris Park
View from Audrey Harris Park
By the way, the Caughlin Fire that raged through our neighborhood last weekend has since shaved off everything that grew on this hillside after this photo was taken.

The remainder of my ride was peaceful and beautiful. On back country roads, horses and goats grazed the land of properties that sat on large acreages and the trees still displayed their magnificent fall colors. Yet, the highlight of my joy was when I crossed paths with John and his riding partner on Virginia Street. I was lost and pulled into a small shopping center to look at my location on GPS when I saw my sweetie riding by. I caught up with him and his friend and rode with them until we reached our street and turned off for home.

I am glad I finally went for a bike ride. It was lovely and I also had a wonderful, long holiday weekend with John, Havi, and Elgy. Time to return to the office tomorrow.


JoeinVegas said...

That fire was in your neighborhood? You just move there (away from hot Vegas) and into more heat! wow

Daly said...

What were our chances, huh Joe? Just a couple days before the fire, John and I were talking about additional insurance for our personal properties and we said to ourselves, our luck couldn't be that bad. Well guess what? We have insurance now.