Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Cat Who Tried to Break Free

We have a series of murder mystery novels featuring a detective and his Siamese cats (who are the real sleuths). Each of the nearly 30 books in the series begins with the words "The Cat Who..." but sadly, the author passed on the middle of this year so there will be no more Cat Who mysteries. I think I would have liked to read the last of the series, which was canceled by the publisher called, The Cat Who Smelled Smoke.

Perhaps I can write a short story about the cat who tried to break free.

Havi enjoying the fresh air flowing in through the cracked window.


JoeinVegas said...

So, the cats are all adjusted to their new home? (are you?)

Daly said...

They are LOVING it, especially because of the birds all around. I thought Elgy would lose her voice chirping at everyone she sees. I really do like it here a lot. I wish our place was squared away so I can find my things but we are still unpacking. Slowly but surely getting there.