Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What Makes Us Stronger

One of our local bike shop owners was struck down by a car during a morning ride on his bicycle and was in recovery for many weeks. There was a large social ride organized to welcome him back in the saddle which I was honored to join. I had not ridden since our trip to Mammoth so this was the perfect opportunity to get out and ride alongside familiar faces, especially with Mike.

You cannot tell by these photos but it was a GORGEOUS day in the Vegas/Henderson area!

We ended up back at the bike shop and enjoyed the food catered by (I'll have to get the name) but the sandwiches were delicious. I caught this precious moment and it reminds me what cycling is all about--family. Our family is everything. They are our source of love and support among many things. They are what makes us stronger and no car can ever keep our spirits down.

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