Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Best Caramel Apple Covered in Chocolate and Pecans

We've only visited ethel's Chocolates Botanical Cactus Garden in the winter, to walk through the Christmas light displays of the cactus garden but I don't think we've ever visited the Ethel M Chocolate Factory during the middle of the year.  Last Sunday was the perfect opportunity and so we went to get me a caramel apple covered in chocolate and pecans (I've been talking about eating one ever since I saw a show on t.v.)...and oh boy was it so ooey gooey Gooo-OOOD!!

Even though the place is out of our way, we had a perfectly good reason to get out for a little treat. Of course I had to have a pressed penny for my collection too.

Besides, I needed a little reward for our bike rides in the crazy heat last weekend.  Earlier that day, John and I rode to John's parents house in Boulder City and had breakfast with Maggie.  By the time we were close to home, the temperature was in the three digits so we stopped by a 7-Eleven for some slushie to keep our core body stats down.  We have stopped at that convenience store before but never noticed the railcar named Jumbo Junction in the background.  What neat things we come upon during our riding adventures.

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