Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our Weekend

The weekends seem to go by so fast before I get a chance to post anything to keep our friends and family updated. I remember riding towards Jean Saturday morning. There was a good breeze pushing against me yet I was dripping sweat across my eyeglasses. You would think the wind would blow dry the sweat away but it didn't. Finally I got to a safe point for turning around and once I did, the wind was at my back so I flew back towards home on Las Vegas Boulevard topping 40 m.p.h. It was a strange feeling to be going so fast on a pretty flat road as opposed to going downhill. I felt like I was floating!

When evening came John and I met his parents at the Southpoint Casino for dinner inside the cafe. Then we sat down in the arena to watch a concert featuring the Fixx, Warr, and 3 Dog Night. The first two opening acts were ... hard to sit through so I don't blame John and Maggie for leaving. It was getting late, even for us. We stayed to watch several songs performed by the Fixx (the lead singer has a great voice) before we went home. I've posted a video of one of their popular songs (you'll want to turn off the music player to the right in sidebar).

Sunday John and took took a leisurely ride on our bikes down the street to eat breakfast at the New Day Cafe (last weekend we rode to Panera Bread which was also nice.) If you have never been to the location on Silverado Ranch and Maryland Parkway, it is a cute place. The staff is nice, menu reasonably priced, and serving of food is just right (not too much).

The weather was beautiful for once instead of the incessant wind we've had for months so we went to the M Casino to meet John's friend. Once inside the pool for adults (Daydream) we ran into friends that John knew who invited us to lounge in their cabana so we hung out together all day. Finally we can start to sun out the tan lines which had formed on our arms and legs!
Daydream @ M Casino (photo taken by Hilary Crowley)


JoeinVegas said...

Finally back to the pool - still doing the Malibu Strings stuff?

Must have a busy schedule going back to school

Anonymous said...

Great suit. Is that a thong or a G?

Daly said...

Hi Joe, there was a MS event in Vegas this past Thursday but we are out of town.
Anonymous, that one is a triangle back string.

Lance said...
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Lance said...

Hi Daly, it's Lance & Michelle from Havemeyer. We're so happy for you!! It's been years!

Daly said...

Hey Lance! How are you guys doing?! I've thought of you all and wondered how you've been. Thanks for the note; it's good to hear from you!