Tuesday, May 03, 2011

i Tifosi

Tifosi (pronounced [tiˈfoːzi]) is an Italian word to describe a group of supporters or fans, especially in sports such as cycling.

One of the things I love about watching bike racing is not always what is happening on the course but the activities around the event--the family and friends who are present to support someone they know in the races.

If you ever watch one of the big cycling tours that take place abroad, the spectators are really animated and passionate. Some are in costumes like the guy in a devil outfit who chases the riders in the Tour de France with a pitchfork. I have not spotted anything like that at the regional races but I've witnessed moments like these that make me smile.

These are just a few photos I've taken recently. More cycling photos from this year's bike races can be found in the web gallery I created to share my photography hobby and love of cycling: http://cyclingphotos.hellodaly.com


JoeinVegas said...

How about a hemet cam, with a remote button you could press to take a photo of what you are looking at when riding

johnny said...

Great post. Cycling is definitely not just about the riding. It is a lifestyle.

Daly said...

Hey Joe. I've been wanting a helmet cam or one I can mount to the handlebar because I really enjoy capturing photos and videos when riding...with my phone and I must admit it is not the safest thing to do. I will look in to it and would appreciate suggestions if come across any. Thank you!

@johnny: I agree with you; cycling is a lifestyle. :-)