Sunday, May 22, 2011

How Time Flies

How time flies when you are having fun. The past couple of weeks have been a blur and if it weren't for these snapshots of the moments in my life, I wouldn't have remembered the highlights of my days. One Saturday I met up with a bunch of ladies at the Bike Shop and we rode through Sunset Park. After making several loops through one of the largest parks in Vegas, we dismounted our bikes at Egg Works for brunch. Thus our group ride was appropriately named the Brunch Bunch. Those who belonged to the Charm Club also received a charm for joining the ride (I love the cute little menu!)

One of the weeknights John surprised me by cooking dinner from a recipe he saw while flipping through the Food Network Magazine. The Scrambled Eggs with Ricotta and Broccolini was simple but super fast to make and DELICIOUS!! Especially because John picked out a roasted garlic crusty bread to serve with the dish. We will definitely make it again--and you can too! The recipe can be found through the link above.
I have seen plenty of hummingbirds (most recently in John's parents' backyard) but I have never seen one at rest. And here it is, perched on a garden stake! You'll have to click the photo to view an enlarged image. Isn't it SO CUTE?!?!

After one long work week after another ended, John and Maggie invited us over for dinner this past Friday. As we drove through Boulder City down the highway overlooking Lake Mead, the late afternoon sun lit the jagged edges of the surrounding mountains in a way that made the view look like a painting. The same 'picture' was viewable from the patio where we dined. Of course Maggie made a FABULOUS dinner -- everything was SO GOOD!! Cucumber sesame salad, scalloped potatoes, steamed artichoke hearts, and baked ham. Wait, let me say it again -- HAM!! Everything was absolutely tasty! What they say about you are what you eat was true because I was a little piggy. Food aside, it was one of the truly one of the best nights I've had. Nothing beats a wonderful meal and quality family time.
More good friend Wendy rode with clipless pedals for the first time. Not only did she ride like a pro, she also broke her mile record clocking 33 miles on one trip. I am so proud of her!! We rode from our house down Las Vegas Boulevard towards the Strip, down Pebble and the surrounding neighborhoods and looped back on Horizon Ridge. Fun times!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

i Tifosi

Tifosi (pronounced [tiˈfoːzi]) is an Italian word to describe a group of supporters or fans, especially in sports such as cycling.

One of the things I love about watching bike racing is not always what is happening on the course but the activities around the event--the family and friends who are present to support someone they know in the races.

If you ever watch one of the big cycling tours that take place abroad, the spectators are really animated and passionate. Some are in costumes like the guy in a devil outfit who chases the riders in the Tour de France with a pitchfork. I have not spotted anything like that at the regional races but I've witnessed moments like these that make me smile.

These are just a few photos I've taken recently. More cycling photos from this year's bike races can be found in the web gallery I created to share my photography hobby and love of cycling:

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was as good as it could be; filled with food, family, and friends. Jan and G'ma drove out from CA and our friends, Shannon and girlfriend, Rainie came from across town.

Grandma, Jan, and Maggie made appetizers of deviled eggs and this really clever basket of antipasto skewers with an assortment of cheeses, olives, pickles, pepperoncini, salami, and snow peas.
And for everyone, as place card holders, these cute Easter baskets filled with jelly beans and homemade hand-decorated sugar cookies (each one was unique with little intricate designs.) Even big John decked out a cookie--and it looked pretty good!

Dinner...what can I say about dinner except that it was FABULOUS and absolutely DELICIOUS!! Ham, salad, bourbon baked beans, potato egg salad, and Nana's crescent rolls--all made from scratch. I just cannot find the words to describe each and every dish but I know a lot of work (and love) went to putting together the perfect Easter Sunday meal.

As if dinner wasn't enough...there was dessert. But not just any sweet course but a special birthday cake--or shall I say birthdays cake to celebrate Grandma and Jan's birthday. Boy oh boy was it moist and mouthwatering good!

Easter Sunday started out at our home with breakfast together--just John and I...pancakes, fresh fruit salad, and hot coffee, then a bike ride with from home to Lake Mead (John would ride back solo while John and Maggie lent me their truck to haul my bike and my spent body home). The day kept getting better and better in to the evening, so much so that Easter Sunday was more than I could hope for.