Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Today someone had the audacity to tell me in an email in more words or less 'do NOT plan on being on furlough (unpaid leave of absence) during this period of the semester because there is a good probability I will be needed to resolve system problems'. This came from someone who is not in the position to approve or disapprove my leave requests and they sent it after I responded to the initial email (in which they were copied on)--while I was on approved time off with my family and prior to that work-related training out of state. The email was completely uncalled for and no doubt they ignored my out-of-office auto response message.

I was miffed by the comment but did not fire back and only responded to the issue with facts. Little does this person know how much of my personal time away from the office I have devoted to my work, countless hours upon hours until 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. on many occasions to meet deadlines with a load of overwhelming tasks. Through the course of three years I've taken on extra job duties left by two vacancies that, to this day, were never filled--and I have done so without an increase to my salary. I certainly don't get paid enough to be a scapegoat. All the time and effort I put in to my job is because I truly enjoy what I do and it needed to be done.

So damn right I plan to be on furlough because it is mandatory and there is nothing this person can do about it. Whatever reason for the rudeness, I hope the person feels better about him/herself and their self-given job title because if my title was Chair of that department, I would strongly encourage them to do some real soul searching when writing their self-evaluation.

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