Friday, April 15, 2011

Lunch at Lee's Sandwiches

I received a call late this morning. It was my husband asking me if I would like to go to lunch. He would also bring my electric scooter from home where he had completed the maintenance of it. Of course I said 'sure, I'd love to!'. He went on to suggest we try Lee's Sandwiches and boy my day was getting better by the minute!
Breaking away from campus during lunch hour is like swimming upstream but we eventually made it to the only franchise in Nevada on 3989 Spring Mountain Rd. Since we saw it located next door to Pho Kim Long Vietnamese Restaurant, we've been wanting to try their Bánh sandwiches and today was the perfect opportunity.

John ordered #11, the Special Combination for $3.89 and I ordered the #1 Combination for a whopping $2.99 with an ice cold Vietnamese coffee (the only difference between the two sandwiches is the Special Combo has turkey). The sandwiches were everything we thought they would be--tasty jambon, headcheese, and pate, crisp fresh and pickled veggies on a crusty baguette freshly baked at the in-house factory. And if that wasn't enough, John helped himself to the yogurt bar and I picked up a pork ban bao, chicken and pork pate chaud, and deli manjoo (creme filled puff pastries) for later. If we could eat it all we would try everything on the vast menu. I suppose that gives us something to look forward to the next time we visit. Since they are always open, we can stop by any time of the day or night!

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