Saturday, April 16, 2011

Anthem Hills

After I got off work yesterday John and I went riding through Anthem. He had discovered another multi-use path during one of his rides he wanted to take me through. If you are interested in the route, just leave a comment and I'll post turn-by-turn directions.
We ascended through quiet neighborhoods until we got to the path (marked by a red arrow). The climbing was not yet over and we rode up and up until we finally got to the top of the hill. There I took this photo before we started descending at 36 miles per felt like flying.
I know it can be scary to go fast downhill but what I've found is if I try to slow down by feathering the breaks, the momentum pushes my body forward on the bike changing my center of gravity and there I feel I have less control. The riding tips I've read say to scoot back on the seat of the bike when going downhill and I had to do that, push against the handlebar while motion pushed me forward. On the other hand if I let off the brakes and just let gravity take me, I can focus on leaning to steer the bike rather than braking and pushing back on the saddle--it's much easier to go downhill that way. I just let go of my fear of speed and trust in my bike handling skills. The way I see it is--going 35 miles per hour per hour is fast and at that speed it may not make a difference whether I brake to slow down to 30 mph or not while descending if I were to crash. I would rather be in control and embrace the speed. Mind you I can always see straight ahead on a road with wide turns when I'm riding fast. I would exercise more caution if the road was narrow and twisting with cross roads where a car may enter the lane.
The rest of the way home was uneventful and peaceful as our ride had been. For the most part there have been no cars around us except for on the yellow veins of the map which mark the main roads through Anthem.
During the last stretch we laughed at our shadows chasing each other. They were also enjoying a ride on a path of their own.

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