Saturday, March 19, 2011

Celebrating Life with Family

Even though I'm reluctant about turning a year older, my family was eager to celebrate my upcoming birthday. The opening of gifts is a family event with Havi and Elgy's help untying the ribbons. I got a beautiful seaweed green hair clip with sparklies, the cutest dark denim low cut shorts and an equally hot rhinestone logo t-shirt, Nike + iPod tennis shoes (for the geek in me), and (for the cook) an electric tea pot..for now. Whatever did I do to be spoiled like this?

Then we drove to one of my favorite restaurants, Pho Kim Long Vietnamese Restaurant on Spring Mountain. Of all places why this restaurant for dinner? Partly because John and I have been customers since we were dating long distance before I moved to Vegas over seven years ago and also because this would be the first time John and Maggie will try pho. We ordered spring rolls and egg rolls and of course, dinner was delicious.

This visit was bittersweet for me as it will be the last time I eat there. For reasons I thought didn't make sense, they've eliminated the ingredients that make the Special Combination pho bowl authentic. What makes pho, pho -- the tendon and tripe. So now it's faux pho and there's tons of places where I can get that. My soup was still good but it's just not the same and that's okay. :-)

Our evening closed on a sweet note with frozen custard at what use to be called Sheradon's Frozen Custard on Eastern is now called Mr. D. We learned that the owners went bankrupt and the store was purchased by new owners though the menu pretty much stayed the same. John asked how business was doing now and the staff said things are picking up but there was a time during winter when the lights almost went dark so our visit was appreciated. As we sat in the car eating our dessert, it was nice to see cars of family after family pull up for a treat on this lovely Saturday evening.
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