Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunny Day Taunting Me to Play

Elgy must be thinking what I'm thinking--what a beautiful sunny day it is to go out and play in. Like plastic grocery bags and curling ribbons taunting Havi to eat them, the clear sunny day beckons me to go outside and ride my bike.
If Havi didn't learn lessons from throwing up each time she eats things she shouldn't eat, I haven't learned my lesson from going out when I don't feel good either. I thought I would be okay taking a little bike ride around the neighborhood with my friend Wendy. We met at Starbucks on Green Valley and rode down Wigwam, Lake Mead Parkway to the River Mountains Trail and back. We rode just over 31 miles and stopped at Brooklyn Bagels for coffee and a snack when we were done.
Afterward I was ready to crash on the couch. My sinus paid the price from the wind blowing dust and particles up my nose. That was yesterday. Today is a new day, and thank goodness for meds -- I feel better and...just maybe, I just might suit up and get out there. Sunday is only here but once a week!
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JoeinVegas said...

90+ one day, 30+ the next, my goodness I am impressed.