Friday, February 04, 2011

Feels Good

I read that leisure spending was the only type of consumption that bumped up bliss levels--so much so that "a $20,000 increase in spending on leisure was roughly equivalent to the happiness boost one gets from marriage," said a professor who conducted a study examining how spending money and/or being married affected happiness. Hmm...maybe that's why buying new cycling stuff feels so good.

While we only spent a fraction of that amount on my road bike, I have to agree that there is some truth to the research. I rode it for the first time today with a permagrin on my face. Perhaps it had nothing to do with spending money and more to do with the fact that I was pedaling down the road, enjoying the sun and fresh air alongside my sweetheart. I have been off the bike since the race last Saturday and I was starting to feel the winter blues with the weather being so cold and dreary.

We cruised around the neighborhood for an hour, stopped at Starbucks for coffee and snacks, and visited the Bike Shop before we rode home logging 20 miles. I like my new two-wheeler.

My faithful bike found a good home. I will miss "Trusty" but I'll always remember our adventures together uphill, downhill, even a couple good crashes, and, of course, a first road race for both of us.

Whether it is tens, hundreds, or thousands of dollars spent, a bicycle is worth every penny. It certainly feels good to be on the road again and so I couldn't help but go out one more time for another hour and a half ride.

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