Saturday, February 05, 2011

F is for

FUN time riding from Lake Mead entrance station on Northshore Road past Callville and back for about 43.5 miles. Great group ride!
FRIENDS I am so lucky to have to ride with. Eric gave me several pushes, Dylan encouraged me uphill, Kaelin wouldn't let me give up, and all the new friends I made who gave me a wheel to draft when I struggled.

I met Wendy at the entrance station after my group ride. We rode along Lakeshore Drive/River Mountains Trail. Today was Wendy's second bike ride and she clocked 21 miles. I am so proud of her because I could only do 7 to 12 miles per ride when I started! She also rode up the hills very well.
Of course we were ready to scarf down some good FOOD so we went to Bangkok 9 Thai Restaurant. Had lettuce wraps, panang curry with beef, and chicken and shrimp pad thai! Yum-yum!!

For dinner I drove to Boulder City for dinner at John's parents' home. We had crusty bread with salad, chicken spinach pasta, and pineapple cake with tea. Absolutely delicious and the best part was FAMILY time!!
John is at a bike race in San Diego while I stay home with the kitties. Poor Elgy...perched on a pillow without his lap to settle on.

Several of my teammates are also at the same race. My helmet is off to all of them for their participation because I heard it is a steep and difficult course. Well they will not be the only one suffering.

I will share their pain tomorrow by attempting to ride 92 miles which will be my longest distance yet. It is not a race but a group ride appropriately named Sufferfest! Hope I will still have legs to stand on when I'm done.

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JoeinVegas said...

I hope the new bike is still making you smile. (that was a big smile)