Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2010 Callville Bay Classic Bike Race Photos

Tomorrow is the start of the 2011 Callville Bay Classic bike race. The four-day stage race kicks off with a star stage (for some), time trial on Friday, road race on Saturday, and criterium on Sunday. The rider with the fastest time after the third event wins the overall general category in their classification. More on this later!
Last year I took tons of photos I did not get a chance to share until now. There are 200+ additional photos that are currently being uploaded to this album of last year's time trail (so please check back).
2010-02-26_Callville Bay Classic TT
Unfortunately I didn't take many photos of the road race the next day. It is hard to because the course spans many miles and maneuvering a car along the narrow and windy one-way road can be risky.
2010-02-27_Callville Bay Classic RR web album

The criterium on the last day is always a fun event to watch. Since the course is a short loop that the riders repeat, the view is a little more friendly to spectators.
2010-02-28_Callville Bay Classic CR web album
Best of luck to everyone--especially our friends!


JoeinVegas said...

You didn't ride in this one?

Daly said...

Thanks for asking Joe. No, I didn't. For a good part of February I was not feeling good and by the time I felt better, I didn't feel I was competitive enough to sign up. I went to support John and fellow friends, took lots of photos, and still enjoyed the race though.