Friday, January 07, 2011

Living Room Wallpaper Project

For almost two weeks I have been away from work. I requested additional time off to spend with family, get in more miles cycling, and wrap things up around the house. Now it is near the end of my vacation, our clothes closet hasn't been thinned out as planned and my home office is not much better organized than it was before the holiday craze.
However, I cannot say I didn't do much...after all there were the family gatherings and activities around Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, movies I've seen (True Grit and The King's Speech), shopping, dining, more shopping, and dining while family was in town, cooking--I had the chance to try so many new recipes, New Year's Eve celebrations, and rode hundreds of miles alone and with friends. Yet I felt restless at the closure of my time off...
Then I woke up this morning possessed by the need to complete a large task...something larger than packing away boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations, breaking my record miles in bike riding, or cooking up a storm. Since I have been so busy outside of home, I felt I needed to do something productive around the house, perhaps one of the many home projects we've been meaning to do.

Our living room is just the place to start where there's a large, blank wall. I had purchased wallpaper several months back and...well, more important things came up John and I never got around to hanging it. I decided to tackle the project after breakfast.

I had never put up wallpaper before so I got started with the help of a couple videos on YouTube (How to Measure and Prep for Hanging Wallpaper and How to Hang Wallpaper). After I hung the first strip, I doubted whether I would finish by the end of today and wondered how much trouble I got myself in to. Since John was at work I was on my own and will the furniture was out of the way and all the prepping I've done, I couldn't stop halfway so I kept gluing and hanging one sheet at a time. Eventually the wall was done--just in time for dinner! Now I can check this off my To-Do list and go back to work feeling accomplished.

(I am looking forward to the morning so I can see the wall in daylight. It is hard to see in these photos but the wallpaper is off-white; the squares are raised so the paper has a neat texture.)
Here is a photo of the wallpaper during the day.  I like it!

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