Monday, January 24, 2011

New Ride

I didn't believe it, even when John told me it was ordered and shipped until it came home today. My new bike!
It is actually a men's bike in the smallest size they offer. But this small men's 2011 Felt Z5 has the same geometry as the medium women's Felt ZW5. The women's sizes are large, medium, small, and petite where the men's sizing is numeric (51, 54). John zenned my Trek bike using his Retul system to get the dimensions so we know this will fit me perfectly. By the way, there are companies that will build you a bike based off measurements that Logical Fit Retul Studio can provide.
John did a lot of research before he presented me with the choices. Even though he preferred the women's bike with the blue lines, I went with the men's bike with red accents since I have a blue bike. You must be rolling your eyes thinking, women and the basis on which they make their decisions! I didn't even realize that this is a carbon bike (my current bike is aluminum; there are advantages and disadvantages to both).
Well I knew I could trust John's selection from his research and weighing the factors. Besides, this frame has been used in the entire history of the Tour De France (with perhaps one exception or something like that; I can't remember exactly) without a change.
2011 Felt Z5 (stock)
Lastly, the girls have conducted their inspection and they also approve. There is still work to be done with the components so I will not be racing on it this weekend (even though it can be ready by that time I would still need a few hours on it to adjust). Besides, I would like to take my Trek out one more time in our first race together!
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JoeinVegas said...

I can see that a full inspection was in progress. Glad they approved.