Thursday, January 06, 2011

How To Pick Grapes

I didn't pay attention to this detail until recently and it seems obvious in hindsight so I thought I'd share this with you (and my husband who reads my blog ;-)). When shopping for grapes (usually sold in bags in the produce section), choose the ones with green, lively stems/vine instead of brownish-green, wilted ones if at all possible. If the bag contains many grapes that have detached from the vines or if the grapes have split/broken skin, that is also not desirable.


JoeinVegas said...

Oooo - changes - from a swimsuit blog to a biking blog and a sometimes restaurant tip blog and onto a cooking tips blog - wow

Thanks for the tips.

Daly said...

:-) You are welcome Joe. I am looking forward to when it is warm and sunny enough to lounge by the pool. I sure do miss Summer.

Chante said...

You are so freakin' funny Daly! Oh, why didn't I take you grocery shopping when we were growing up, huh? I used to work at the grocery store when I was in high school and I could have told you. Silly girl!

Daly said...

I always welcome comments and suggestions so send 'em if you think of any.

Mom took me grocery shopping once but can't say I remember any lessons. All I remember is she told me to grab a bunch of celery and in Lao, "a bunch" is pronounced "fuck" and people around us were staying at her pointing at me and saying "ow nung fuck", LOL!!