Saturday, January 08, 2011

Fireplace Project

The fireplace is our next large project. We tore down the tiles that were orginally installed around it and haven't replaced it since. I have a couple ideas but am open to hearing suggestions if you have any.
I won't be taking on the project this morning...or today. :-) Instead I will be bike riding with some friends at Red Rock. Have a wonderful Sunday!
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Emmy said...

Oh! How fun! We refaced our fireplace too, but decided to keep it clean and contemporary with just drywalling it and putting a very simple clean line (2" thick, 4" deep) mantle piece. I googled contemporary fireplace or modern fireplace to see pictures of what other people did. Good luck!

Daly said...

Thank you Emmy! I think I see what you mean and that would work very well for our fireplace. I will Google your suggestions. Thank you so much!

JoeinVegas said...

we did ours in small glas tiles, wide color ranges available, nice sparkle, we did small 1" squares but you can get strips.
Doesn't look like the shape to do a mangle on.

Daly said...

@Joe: glass tiles are beautiful! I saw a couple I like and am wondering if the price/sq. ft. will ever go on sale. It's a little much. But I saw these that are pretty reasonable!