Sunday, January 09, 2011

End of the Road

This past week I have been riding alone and with no agenda, anything goes. One day after I rode to Jean, I decided to continue south along Las Vegas Boulevard rather than turn west to Goodsprings. I wondered where the road would lead me to or if it just dead ends and if so, how far out. I have seen cars go to and come from that direction and so I was curious to see.
Gold Strike Casino
Just after passing the Gold Strike Casino at Jean, I saw a fire station (80 I believe) and shortly thereafter the Goodsprings Justice Court I think. The Jean Airport was also in the same area and a sky diving school. So that's where the cars were going to and coming from!
But that wasn't the end of the road and so I kept riding. The road narrowed and then the smooth surface gave way to rougher asphalt. I pedaled on for a while and there was no one around. No cars had passed me...I was out there all alone. I stopped to take a video and these photos. The one above looking south and the one below looking north, back towards Gold Strike Casino.
I did not make it to the end of the road that day for a couple reasons: I did not want to get a flat in a remote area and I was on a time constraint to be home in time to meet my friend who was coming over. I saw enough to satisfy my curiosity. One time I was stuck behind a traffic accident heading north on the I-15 which runs parallel to Las Vegas Boulevard. The freeway was shut down and cars went off road from the I-15 to the Las Vegas Boulevard so I know the what I didn't get to see on my bike ride is pretty much where those cars were...if that makes sense. I cannot articulate my thoughts right now, LOL. So that was a little adventure. 
Thursday I rode towards Jean again and passed John who was on his way back from Goodsprings on his TT (Time Trial) bike so I turned around and followed him home so I could get ready to meet his mom for shopping and lunch. He and I realized was nice to spend time together riding.
We saw a sea plane landing in the executive airport near where we live. I just thought it was neat so I took a photo. :-)


Anonymous said...

It's not really a sea plane, it's a Super Scooper, a Canadian fire fighting plane used in California and the Southwest to fight brush fires. It can land in small lakes and reservoirs to replenish its tanks and then head back to drop its load of water. They often work in pairs.

Daly said...

That is awesome to know. Thank you for sharing!! I will have to look it up to see one in action - very neat.

codepoet said...

hi there! i'd like to ask permission if i can use your 2nd photo in a poster that i'll pitch to a client? thanks and great blog you got here!

hope to hear from you...

Daly said...

@codepoet: Of course. Thank you for asking. I really appreciate it.