Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Empty Spaces

Some may look at this photo and think there's a whole lot of nothing out there but I see freedom. The wide open road and vast desert is my playground where I can ride my bike and be free. Free from chores, work, news, daily responsibilities ... however temporary. There's a time and place for all these other things but as long as my legs are spinning circles, I only think about the road before me, shifting gears, listening to wind in my ears, and the rythm of my breath and heart beating in my chest.
Sometimes my mind wanders to random thoughts I can't even remember exactly what. For the most part I am in the moment. What's in front of me -- right here, right now. The rest I will handle as they come.
This ride is towards Jean, NV. I like not having the interruptions of traffic lights and for the most part traffic and crossroads where a car could pull up and break my concentration. I wonder, does the driver see me? Will they wait until I pass safely or try to run over me? Will they pull out in front of me because I don't feel like t-boning a car today -- or any other day. To the drivers who yield until I ride by, I nod or wave to acknowledge them and also thank them for their time in waiting the few seconds until I pass. After which they accelerate past me and are well on their way.
Almost 20-miles of open road lie ahead of me. Just me and my bike...the clear skies and all the empty spaces in between. Free as I can be.
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Johnny said...

Awesome post!

JoeinVegas said...

Looks like a nice ride for you to just pedal and think . .

Daly said...

@Johnny: thanks babe.
@Joe: i'm glad you think so. I like the desert.