Saturday, December 04, 2010

Somehow I Went Along

Originally I had planned to ride a couple hours and early in the morning because I had some chores and preparations for an event tomorrow afternoon. As I rode my mind was distracted by all the tasks I needed to complete. Not too far in my route I found myself wishing my ride was over already; I longed to turn around and head towards home.

At the corner of Horizon Ridge and Horizon Drive (mile 6 1/2), I ran into my teammates. The were on their way to a group ride and invited to join them. Since I was not too far along in my route, I figured why not ride along? It would give me a chance to catch up, meet new folks, and a different path other than what I know would be a good distraction!  It looks like I'll get my ride in after all.

[to be continued...]

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JoeinVegas said...

For someone that didn't plan on being out for long, that looks like an ambitious map - I know those hills, and you've written about them before.