Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday in SLO

Saturday morning was wet from the rain overnight so we didn't get to ride our bikes. A warm breakfast at the Apple Farm Restaurant sounded more fitting for a morning where the low fog hovered over the hills behind us (seems they have trouble climbing like me, LOL). We ate enough carbs to put us in a diabetic coma but the fresh baked muffins and scones were too good to miss! The omelet with a side of hash and biscuit was enough to feed us for the whole day.
After breakfast we met up with our friends and the whole family drove down to Solvang to watch the CycloCross bike race. The competition took place in the beautiful Kylera Winery. By then the bright and shiny sun had peeked through the clouds so it was a pleasant time to be there.
Watching the riders push and sweat through the hills worked up our appetites so we went to the Solvang Restaurant for lunch. be honest, we were really after the Aebleskivers -- tennis ball shaped Danish waffle-pancake thingies with strawberry jam dribbled on top and dusted with powdered sugar. Oh -- they were SO GOOD!! We purchased our very own pan so we can make some at home.
The town of Solvang itself is a neat place and we plan to visit again when we have more time to explore the shops.  We had so much fun together but it was time to leave.

We headed home to do our own bike riding and cyclocross event! John and I rode just outside of San Luis Obispo for about 24 miles before we needed to head back to the Apple Farm before dark. While our friends got ready for their Halloween party, it was time for us to get ready for dinner.
Dinner was at McPhee's Grill in what I would consider the middle of nowhere (I guess I'm use to the lights of Las Vegas that brighten every street).  But what a beautiful place it was.  Warm, cozy and the food ... THE FOOD was absolutely delicious.  John had rib eye with salsa with a side of jalapeno cheese mashed potatoes and goat cheese stuffed poblano chile peppers.  I had the oak grilled filet mignon with blue cheese butter, bordelaise sauce, and garlic mashed potatoes. SO, SO good!!  We skipped the dessert and opted for coffee.
After all, fresh milled hot apple cider and cookies await us back in our room. We tucked ourselves in and fell asleep to the flickering flames from the fireplace. I have to admit that the cool weather made for a nice day.


Chante said...

WOW D - you & Johnny sure lead an exciting life style. I love it! As you know, we are living through you, as you travel all over, eating all the yummy food!



JoeinVegas said...

Cider in Solvang. Looks like fun