Monday, October 18, 2010

This Family Likes to Eat

My sister sent me a belated birthday present with photos and a card from my niece. When I open the card, it greets me with, " I now pronounce you the most beautiful birthday princess in all the land!" In the package was something a wrist, something for my digestion, something for my breathe, snacks (jerky! and sesame crackers), noodles, and a dish sponge (believed to be made from a squash). All had a story behind them :-) and everything was edible except the bracelet and sponge. I certainly feel like it's my birthday again and know I am loved because I know she went through a lot of trouble to ship the package and my niece put some time in the card. Can you tell we like to eat?
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Kashmir said...

Happy Birthday Daly! And to many more! Cheers!! :)