Saturday, October 02, 2010

Riding Together Against Cancer

The annual ride organized by the Las Vegas Cancer Foundation to benefit LIVESTRONG® took place today.  I was there with my team to support the riders, sweeping the back of the 60-mile, 40-mile, and 20-mile route to encourage and assist other riders with mechanical failures.
There was a nice showing as the parking lot east of the Red Rock Casino filled up in the early morning. Canary yellow jerseys worn by the participants were everywhere like dots of hope. The first group of riders took off just after 7 a.m. and then the next group followed 20 minutes later.
Depending on the distance, the route traveled through Red Rock Canyon (loop or no loop), Blue Diamond, Red Rock Ranch and Sienna. Without a doubt the trip offered a great view of the Las Vegas desert and the beautiful communities of the Red Rock area.
There was even a guest appearance by the burros just outside of Blue Diamond.
Our team waited for the last riders to come in distributing from our tent recovery drinks by our team sponsor, Fluid.  My first event ride went very well; I rode with my team and friends and I met new friends along the way.  I'm grateful to be a part of such a positive event and have the chance to help fellow riders (I had heard the event raised nearly $60,000 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation).

What made it most memorable for me was riding alongside Debbie (pictured above in the yellow jersey) and others like her who were riding in memory or in honor of loved ones.  Debbie let me take a photo of her and gave her consent for me to share this.  On the back of her jersey was a photo her mom, Inga, who has cancer and a prognosis of 3 months of life and 17-year old Kyler, whose mom had signed up for the ride but this particular weekend was in Texas with Kyler for the surgery of his recently discovered lung cancer.

Debbie and I parted at a rest stop with hugs and before I continued on my way I sent with her my thoughts and wishes for all of the best.


JoeinVegas said...

Dodging mules - unusual obstacles along that route.

Daly said...

LOL...I have hit a flattened construction cone squarely across the base (and somehow kept control of my bike) but I managed to avoid running in to those freeway bums.