Tuesday, October 05, 2010

No Pain No Gain

I've been told that, in cycling, eventually you start to like pain. The pain you feel from the fire in your lungs pushing hard, the pain you feel in your legs when every muscle fiber is burns from pedaling uphill. I guess that's why they call it growing pains. Though I cannot say that I'm at that point where I enjoy self-inflicted pain, I've had my own share of growing pains. The good news is each day gets better and better (warning: you may not want to scroll too far down for there are images that may be too graphic).
at River Mountains Loop trailhead with Team Fluid
The last time I rode with Team Fluid through Boulder City, the climb up Little Italy left me with painful memories. It was hot, my legs and lungs were burning, and even though I was ascending it felt like I was descending in to the underworld. And so this past Sunday, I trained with my team and once again we rode up the steep neighborhood streets of the little town by Hoover Dam.

Going in to the climb I told myself I love hills, I love hills and I can do hard things, I can do hard things. Believe it or not, the second time up that hill was not as painful as I had remembered. I am not sure if it was the chanting, if my tolerance for pain increased, or if I just got better in cardio and strength. Whatever it was, I felt that I had improved from the last time! Even the ride out of Lake Mead area in to Boulder City was getting easier.
riding up US-93 from Lake Mead in to Boulder City
I have also improved in other areas. My skin is healing! The inside of my arm now has new pink skin so I am almost at the point where I can take off the Tegaderm, my second skin to keep out impurities and my skin from scabbing so it can heal from the inside out. My thigh and knee are mere scrapes now and I no longer have to keep them bandaged.
The bottom of my elbow is not quite there so I will have to take care of this road burn for another week. I have learned my lesson through this growing pain 1) don't ride too close behind anyone's wheel when I am tired and 2) crashing is costly--in bike parts and medical supplies, LOL!!
I am lucky to have a caring family. John helps me wrap the dressings each morning and Elgy gives them kisses at night.
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