Friday, October 01, 2010

Group Ride with the Bike Shop

Yesterday morning John and I rode from our house to the Bike Shop on Wigwam and Pecos to join the group ride at 6 a.m.  The ride always starts with a fresh pot of hot coffee and snacks provided by the Bike Shop and Eye Gear within.
We rode through the neighborhoods of Green Valley and Anthem in Henderson.  The route was absolutely gorgeous (I will post a map when I get a chance).  Most of the route is flat and bike friendly, goes through some beautiful neighborhoods, and avoids busy streets. The day had slight overcast so the cool air was a relief from the usual early morning heat.
Midway in to our ride, our group made a quick stop at a public park restroom before continuing on.  I got to meet a few new people and we chatted along the ride--it makes riding all the more enjoyable.
In the end I think I rode about 27 miles before I needed to head home and get ready for work.  On some Thursday mornings I don't have to be on campus until 1 p.m. so it's a great chance for me to join these group rides and start my day on the right foot.

Since my crash I've been riding indoors on the trainer.  The first day I rode outside on Wednesday, I lost my balance (still clipped in to my bike) when I came up to a stop light and fell between the wheels of a lifted pickup truck.  Luckily the traffic light didn't turn green because I don't think the driver saw me.  I scraped up my other knee and tell ya--THAT was the most discouraged I have ever been with cycling where other times when I've toppled, I would just laugh at myself.  Chalk it up to a bad streak I guess.  This group ride was so much fun and so it made up for all the bumps along the road.

Tomorrow I will be riding with Team Fluid at the Las Vegas Cancer Foundation ride to benefit LIVESTRONG.  Our group will be riding in the back of the pack along the 60-mile route through Red Rock to encourage other riders or assist them with mechanical failures.  While I do not look forward to being onsite at 6 a.m., I am excited about riding through Red Rock National Park which I haven't had a chance to do.  Wish me luck!

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