Sunday, October 17, 2010

Goldilocks - Three is Company

Just when I thought riding could not be any more enjoyable, the women's only bike ride Goldilocks came to town. There was a 20, 40, and 60 mile route to choose from which toured through west Las Vegas (Summerlin, The Lakes communities, and Red Rock Canyon). My friend Kaelin and I met at Rainbow Family Park where the route started and ended to pick up our registration packet. Inside was a bunch of goodies--the cutest cowbell, a t-shirt, a knitted headband with a flower, notepad, etc. While we waited with the other women for our start time, there was plenty of snacks to eat such as pastries, fruit, yogurt, water, and gatorade while music played in the background. The cute Goldilocks jersey and bike chain bracelets for purchase were available.
Soon enough the 60-mile start time was upon us and our ride started with ten women at a time as to not clog up traffic. Until we could get safely to Charleston, there was police escort at the larger intersections. I was impressed with how well the route was marked. Not only were there signs on the corner pointing out turns, there were markers on the road matching our bracelets (pink = 60-miles, blue=40 miles, green=20 miles). What a clever idea for the women in deep conversation, "those are cute shorts" and "nice bike" -- who didn't have to remember or think about which way to go. It's enough effort for some of us to coordinate clipping in and out, balancing on two wheels, drinking out of our water bottles, and participate in girl-talk let alone keep track of where we need to go ;-P
Off the bat the ride started off well. The day was absolutely gorgeous -- sunny, clear, perfect temperature, just beautiful!! Kaelin and I befriended one of the riders named Tina from Utah (she's wearing the cute Goldilocks jersey). We chatted all the way from the urban area of Las Vegas through Red Rock -- well, the entire time LOL!! Her family rode along the ride, driving by offering health bars and things -- it was so cute LOL.  They also took this photo which I will always remember the day by.  There are also photos in the Goldilocks Las Vegas album on Facebook and some available for purchase on Zazoosh.
When we arrived at Blue Diamond the women of the MS Team were there to greet us. They held our bikes so we could enjoy the snacks and refreshments at the rest stop (this is a fully supported ride so we really didn't have to carry anything on us. There was even a support vehicle in case we had a flat). That was the 20-mile mark so then we turned around to head back to Rainbow Family Park and start the next loop. You can see the details of the route I tracked on Endomondo: We finished second not too long after the first rider crossed the line.

I know this post does not do the ride justice because we had an ABSOLUTE ball!! The organizer and volunteers did a great job, the route was gorgeous and clearly marked, we enjoyed cruising alongside other women and other times played around with attacks and sprints, the snacks and lunch from Great Harvest was delicious -- I just had a great time. It was a wonderful experience for me on my first event ride and am so glad to have my friend Kaelin to enjoy it with and make a new friend along the way.
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johnny said...

What an awesome thing for you to do. I am so glad you had fun and your grab bag of stuff you got was really nice. The picture of you three riding together is great!!! I want a framed version.