Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fisher Space Pen

This pen is so neat!  See how the gift box holder looks like the moon with craters?

"Beginning in 1945, Paul Fisher and his Associates have been using their devotion to accuracy, integrity, and fairness to improve the ballpoint pen.

When the astronauts began to fly in outer space, Fisher realized they needed a more dependable pen.  So, in July 1965, he invented the pressurized Space Pens and submitted the first ones to Dr. Robert Gilruth, Director of NASA's Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston, Texas.

After rigorous testing, in 1967, NASA selected the Fisher Space Pens for use on the Apollo Missions.  They are now used in all manned space flights - American and Russian.

The Space Pen technology starts with a non-skip textured tungsten-carbide ball encased in a stainless steel ball socket, designed and machined to almost perfect precision.  The sealed ink cartridge is pressurized at about 45 pounds per square inch [that's about half of my bike's tire pressure] and contains a visco-elastic, thixotropic, solid-gel ink.

The result is a ballpoint pen that will write dependably smooth upside down, underwater [great for pool parties], over grease, in extreme cold and hot temperatures [even in extreme heat of Las Vegas], with an estimated shelf-life of 100 years [it could outlast me]."  Read more interesting history here.

The best part is it is made in the U.S.A. -- right here in Boulder City, NV.  If you're passing by, stop into the factory store at 711 Yucca Street which is open weekdays from 8am-4pm.

John's parents gave him this pen years ago and until now, has never been used...and now it is mine!  Writes beautifully and it's small enough to fit in a clutch.  The cap fits on the end of the pen, extending it to full size to write comfortably.  This is one pen I will not be letting others borrow ;-)  They can get their own at http://www.spacepen.com.


JoeinVegas said...

visco-elastic, thixotropic? You're starting to get pretty scientific on us.

Daly said...

I have no idea what that means either Joe, LOL. The whole thing I typed came from the sleeve inside the box.