Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Side I Have Never Seen

For the longest time John and I have been talking about taking our bikes to the River Mountains Loop trailhead down by Lake Mead to ride but never got around to it ... until this past Sunday.  We took the loop from the Lake Las Vegas side all the way to the other entrance where it spits out near John's parents' home.

We had not planned to ride 60 miles that day since we had finished 70+ miles the day before but it was so easy to do when there was so much to see and we were enjoying our time together.  Why not do a longer ride than the weekdays? At least we were together and we had no where else to be.
Our Sunday started at Starbucks; we rode there from our house on our bikes to meet John's cycling team (Allegiant Air) at 7 a.m.  All of us pedaled down Warm Springs to Gibson and rode a bike trail to Lake Mead Boulevard. Our group was moving fast down the long, flat road. At one point I looked down at the head unit on my bike and we were going 28 miles per hour. You see, when riding in a pack it takes less effort to pedal if you are in the middle or towards the back of the group because there is less wind resistance. Plus there are more people sharing the work and we can move faster as a unit.
After we passed Lake Las Vegas, there was a long incline and I kept up with the team as long as I could until I started to fall back.  John stayed with me until I recovered and started going downhill.  By then the group was at the trailhead of the River Mountains Loop and would ultimately head to Callville.

After the first leg of the trail where the Allegiant team rode north, we turned south to ride along Lake Mead. The view I saw along the way was so beautiful--it was a side of Lake Mead I have never seen and am so glad to finally have the chance to ride the trail. It felt like riding a roller coaster except all was quiet instead of hearing people screaming all around you. This is where the fun truly begins and I will let the photos do the rest of the talking.  It was a gorgeous day and one of the best rides we had together!!


Hilary said...

when linz and I saw johns status update we thought it must be a typo! we were sure he meant 7.2 miles not 72! wow

Daly said...

LOL...thank you Hilary. Last year it would have been 7.2 miles. I stopped drinking for cycling and now it's my new passion.