Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Ride Like Vampires

Last night our neighbor came home a quarter before 2 a.m. which is not unusual because he works a swing shift.  This time he was sitting outside of his garage in his parked car, revving the engine for several minutes and feverishly texting on his phone.   John got up out of concern that our neighbor was having car troubles but the incessant noise eventually woke me up and drove me to curse so we didn't get much sleep after that.

Still we rose before dawn and were soon on the road.  The weather was much cooler than my comfort level so I wore a light jacket today.  We rode along the quiet streets towards east Henderson and as I pedaled behind John I wondered if he will take me up Horizon Hell--I mean Horizon Ridge where it eventually crosses Horizon Drive.  I thought, he could punish me for making him wake up despite his pleas for more sleep (he is a light sleeper as it is and sleep deficit is harder on his body than mine).  I was willing to risk riding without him and that notion dragged him out of bed.
He was feeling good after breathing fresh morning air and my reluctance to climb a hill I dread turned to optimism. Perhaps I will be able to stay behind him a little longer, ride up a little faster.  It will only make me stronger I thought as I prepared myself for the hill.

"Do you feel like going up Horizon?" He asked.   A smile spread across my face as I noted his considerate question.  I firmly replied, "Yes--let's do it!" and we started our ascent.

John always reminded me of the positive thing after a climb--the descent and he's sure darn right. It always feels painfully good to reach the top and head down.  I don't think I rode any faster up Horizon but I wasn't gasping for air this time as I had many times before.  I remember the first time I attempted to scale this slope, I only made it halfway so I am pleased to be making progress.

Partway down the hill, we stopped to take a photo of the city.  I am always in awe of the Strip, day or night.  The rest of our ride down was a reward for me.

As for John, he deserved coffee so we stopped by Starbucks for a warm cup.  It was unusually quiet at Starbucks ... either it was too cold or too early in the morning.

The streets on the way home told a different story as cars zoomed by.  A lady coming off the freeway wanted to run me over as if she was irritated by the presence of cyclists.  All logic and reason that she should also yield to traffic going my way flew out with the steam coming from her head.  Had I been a 13 year old child riding to school instead of a 33 year old riding before work, would she have acted differently?  Why drivers want to turn in to me but screech to a halt to give an old lady crossing the street all the time in the world to cross is beyond me.  I was even moving faster to get out of the way than the elderly, LOL!

While we were at a stoplight John voiced his observation about the increased fluctuation of crazy drivers this morning.  A motorist nearby overhead him and responded.  The guy said he noticed the same thing and wasn't sure why the traffic was so hyper; he was taking his time cruising home and wished us a safe trip also.

I joked that we have to ride like vampires and try to get back before sunrise when the crazy cars start to come out to mow us down.  We may certainly share behaviors with the nocturnal being sucking Gu and seeking cover before dawn.

What people wanted to do or didn't want to do does not matter.  All that I cared about was that I got to ride safely with John and together we logged another 22 miles on Map My Tracks.

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