Sunday, September 19, 2010

Logical Fit Ride

I came home Friday to a package full of custom kits for Logical Fit, John's bike fitting business using the Retül 3-D Bike Fit System. Inside the box of Canari made jerseys and bibs were my very own set!

Finally I have bibs that (unlike shorts) don't cut in to my stomach or I have to pull up every now and then. The chamois makes riding the 6 inch saddle feel like riding in a Cadillac. I love the jersey because the lycra sleeves are soft and don't chaif my armpits, the pocket material is made of strong mesh (to keep me cooler and perspiration from ruining my electronics); 3 pockets with an extra zip pocket for IDs and bank card. The jersey also has a full zip which I have undone to cool down quickly when the temperatures rises. Full-zips are definitely the way to go for the ease of taking off bib straps when you need to use the restroom; you don't have to pull a soaking wet jersey over your head and risk fishing the toilet bowl for your stuff, LOL. Our jerseys also have little holes for radios or routing the iPod cord. The best part of my kit--I get to match John.
We rode from our home near the M Resort & Casino along Horizon Ridge to the River Mountains Trail in to Boulder City, down Memorial Way, up through the Boulder City neighborhoods, and down the street which overlooks the neighborhoods near Lake Mead. We made a quick stop at John's parents to fill up on water, use the restroom, and tell Maggie (since John was out riding his horse) we love and miss her before getting on the Historic Railroad Hiking Trail which starts on Pacifica Way.

Our ride went counter clockwise on the River Mountains Trail Loop along Lake Mead to the north side of the Lakeshore Drive entrance. Then the dreaded climb up the switchbacks I so love to descend. I made it--that's all that matters! Then we took Lake Mead Boulevard to Wigwam and headed towards the Starbucks meetup.

By that time we were four hours in to our ride, the weather was getting hot, and all that was in our tummies were gels and water with electrolytes. We needed some real FOOD if we were to make the 7-mile ride home!! After some cold ice teas and sandwiches we were ready to hit the road again and BOY was I relieved to be home. I was so sore and luckily the rest of the afternoon would be relaxing--some time with my friend Kristen and we were going to the theatre to watch Resident Evil in 3D. What a wonderful Saturday!

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JoeinVegas said...

Wow, you really have been putting on the miles recently