Saturday, September 25, 2010


Saturday morning we rode west on St. Rose Parkway and turned left at Las Vegas Boulevard heading south 20 miles to Jean.  We had a slight head wind but it was not too bad on the flat open road.  The morning was quiet and there was little traffic as we passed many riders going the same and opposite direction.
After arriving at Jean, we stopped at the gas station for coffee and fill our water bottles.  A large Biking Las Vegas group and McGhee riders were also there at the gas station; their turnaround point.  The BLV group would soon ride back to Henderson where coffee and bagels await them at Whole Foods.

With all of the activities surrounding Interbike week we didn't ride at all so John and I needed to get in some more miles.  Instead of looping back, we turned right and continued straight on NV-161 W.  John needed to get some hard riding in so he rode ahead while I kept my pace riding solo.  He turned left on Sandy Valley Road and went out for a few miles, did a loop and came back where we met at the NV-161/Sandy Valley Road intersection and road back towards Jean together.

The wind had picked up but since there was little traffic on the scenic stretch of road, we practiced rotating to share the work.  So John would ride in front, blocking the wind while I draft and rest.  Then he would pull off to the side while I pedal to the front and he fell behind in my draft to rest.  This was good practice for when I train with my team or if we were racing and in a break away, I can share the workload.

We stopped briefly in Jean again to take photos and then it was a long ride home.  Out and back we rode 51 miles.  It would have taken less than 3 hours if I had not crashed my bike ... again.  Besides that and the blasted wind coming back it was a great ride and a gorgeous day!

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