Tuesday, August 31, 2010

20 mile to Southern Highlands

Finally a morning where the wind isn't blowing like the Big Bad Wolf! We started out towards Jean and boy was it COLD!! The breeze made it even cooler but I kept spinning my legs to warm up.

Several miles out on Las Vegas Boulevard, we turned around. The shoulder was not only full of so much debris and rocks, it was getting narrower and narrower. With the wind blowing against us and large semi trucks passing by, John didn't want to risk my safety so we turned back towards St. Rose and Southern Highlands. For the rest of the morning there will be no more 'invisible hills' (a Robb once told me this affectionate name for what I prefer to call blasted wind).

In the valley of Southern Highlands the wind was calm. Miles and miles of walking path lined with grass and trees. We passed many joggers and folks walking their dogs early in the morning. The traffic was light and when cars passed us, the drivers were kind enough to switch lanes. It was a beautiful ride.
Soon we needed to head back so I could get ready for work. We raced down the long stretch of highway and broke in to sprints. I tried to hang on to John's wheels, reaching almost 35 miles per hour but alas -- he was too strong for me so I got dropped. Then I chased him as soon I could catch my breath.
It was too short of a ride but nevertheless, 20 miles was better than nothing so I am glad we got up and out.  This week started out stressful and squeezing in rides is how I balance work and play to keep me sane.

And THIS ... this is the inside of my jersey when my phone camera took a snapshot.


JoeinVegas said...

Hmm, been wondering what the inside of your jersey looked like. Thanks for posting it. Kind of what I imagined, but a little fuzzier

johnny said...

LOL, that happened this morning huh?