Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ultimate Destination

We have wanted to get out without an agenda and just explore ... like "tourists" and what better place than the destination thousands of people visit each year--the Las Vegas Strip?

After trying our luck at a slot machine, we started at Barbary Coast two-fisting margaritas and raspberry daiquiris. We walked north along the east side of the strip hotels past Flamingo, Imperial Palace, Harrah's, and in to the Casino Royale for a restroom and $2 beer stop. Then continued past the Venetion and the Wynn to check out the waterfall. There was a cute Mexican restaurant with a patio near the water and though the menu tempted us to take a seat inside, we were after something else for lunch.

After the Encore we crossed the street and kept marching on until we reached our ultimate destination -- Slots-A-Fun. The foot long hot dogs and ice cold sodas hit the spot! Before we left, I had to have something I've always of those tall drinks filled with frozen piƱa colada. It was just the thing to cool us off during the hot day as we made our way back to the south end of the Strip.
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Along the way we stopped by one of those little tourist shops to get our dads t-shirts. We caught Happy Hour at Diablo before visiting the Grand Canyon and M&M shop. Who knew we would run in to Spider Man making a call at a phone booth. We watched a live performance in the Hawaiian village before heading home. Our legs tired and after a hot shower we slept like babies. :-)


JoeinVegas said...

So, you were one of those tourists with the yard tall plastic drinks? At least you could have gotten a guitar one and been a little cooler (well, they hold a lot more)

Daly said...

You know JoeinVegas, I ALMOST got the guitar one...and you are right, it seems to hold a lot more but that's what I was trying to avoid (drinking too much) since we already had several by the time we got to Slots-A-Fun.